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3rd National Conference on Research Trends in Computer Science and Technology (NCRTCST)

09th & 10th Octomber 2015, Organized by CMR College of Engineering & Technology Hyderabad, Telangana State, India
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( Volume 6, Issue (5) NCRTCST, ISSN 2249 –071X )


S.No. Paper Title Author Co-Author Download Page No.
1. Big Data Technology Predictions and Trends  Md.Rafeeq  Rajeshwar Rao Kodipaka, Dr. C. Sunil Kumar  PDF  1-4
2. An Attack Monitoring Framework Design for Clustered WSN Using OMNET++  Abdur Rahaman Sardar  Jamuna Kanta Sing, Subir Kumar Sarkar  PDF  5-7
3. Maintaining Data Integrity in Cloud Database Systems  G. Sruthi  J. Divya Lalitha Sri  PDF  8-10
4. ATPG: ATPG System in Fault Diagnosis System  Regonda Nagaraju  M.Ajay Kumar  PDF  11-13
5. IPv6 Addressing Structures, Usage and Security For IOT’s  Swapna Veernala  Shirisha K.  PDF  14-18
6. A Secure Health IoT for Patient Monitoring With Intelligent Medicine Box  Sonam V. Maju  Abeera V.P PDF  19-23
7. Extension of LTE-Advanced Heterogeneous Networks  B. Ramana babu   PDF  24-29
8. Human Intelligence vs. Artificial Intelligence: Survey  D. Shanthi Dr. G. Narsimha,  Dr. R. K. Mohanthy PDF  30-34
9. Document Clustering with Concept Based Vector Suffix Tree Document Model  Dr. N. Sandhya J Sireesha,  Subir Kumar Sarkar PDF  35-38
10. A Combinatorial Algorithm with Transportation Map Regularization for Image Restoration from Salt and Pepper Noise  D. Pavan Kumar S. Srinivas Kumar PDF  39-43
11. Cryptography in Data Mining  Dr. K. Venkatesh Sharma Dr DVSS Subrahmanyam, A. Sandhya Rani PDF  44-47
12. Optimized Blind Data Extraction Approach Based on SS Technique  Smt. K. Ramadevi J. Srinivasa Naik PDF  48-51
13. A Review on Fault Detection and Tolerance in Wireless Sensor Networks  Chaganti B. N. Lakshmi Dr. S. K. Mohan Rao PDF  52-55
14. Data Mining in Research Keypad of Discoverer  Biplab Biswas   PDF  56-59
15. Blind Image Quality Assessment Based Image Enhancement Using Pseudo Distance Transform  N. Mounica Mahad Koushik Majumder, S. Srinivas Kumar PDF  60-63
16. Identification and Comparison of Adaptive Systems Used in Voice Communication  Vani Bondalapati K. Padma Raju, Parthraj Tripati PDF  64-69
17. Satellite Image Resolution and Brightness Enhancement Using CWT and SVD  P. Mary Manjula K. Durga Ganga Rao PDF  70-72
18. Implementation of EAACK Scheme in MANET's with Hybrid Cryptography Algorithm-ECC  Mattareddy S. Dr. Ch. Satyanarayana PDF  73-79
19. An Approach of Model Predictive Control to Cascaded Hydro Power Plants  S. J. Sreeram Pullakavi K. Durga Ganga Rao PDF  80-83
20. A Novel Index Based Search Algorithm on Large Datasets  B. Silpa K. Bhaskar PDF  84-87
21. Accessibility in all Inclusive Distributed Storage Frameworks and Coding for Big Data  Sumathi Rani Manukonda   PDF  88-95
22. Data Transmission Using Continuous Neighbor Discovery in Asynchronous Sensor Networks  M. Parameshwar G. Ravi Kumar, I.  Haripriya PDF  96-101
23. Load Balancing Model for Cloud Services Based on Cloud Partitioning Using RR Algorithm  Pooja Mr. S. Siva Skandha, Mr. N. Sandeep Chaitanya PDF  102-106
24. Sharing of Probabilistically Large-Scale Data Processing Platform in Peer-to-Peer Network  T. Virajitha I. Haripriya PDF  107-111
25. Secure Data Sharing on Distributed Clouds Using Key Aggregation  B. Srilatha E. V. N. Jyothi PDF  112-115
26. Social Video Sharing in Clouds by Using an Adaptive Video Streaming Framework  A. Rashika B. Sivaiah PDF  116-119
27. A New Proof-of-Concept Protocol to Prevent Vampire Attacks in Wireless Ad Hoc Sensor  B. Manjusha Mrs. T. Sahana Edwin PDF  120-124
28. A Novel Privacy-Preserving Protocol for Detecting Interfirewall  Poreddy Suvarna Mr. S. Siva Skandha PDF  125-129
29. Secure Multi Authority Cloud Storage Based on CP-ABE and Data Access Control  Shivarathri Ravinder B. Sarada PDF  130-134
30. An Efficient Map Reduce for Large Scale Deep Belief Nets  Mahankalaiah Bijjili Mr. Venkateswara Rao PDF  135-143
31. Evaluation of Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessments  Eshwar Mattadi Prof K. Vijaya Kumar PDF  144-148
32. Dynamic Query Forms for Database Queries  Mr. Ayub Baig Mr. A. Vivekanand PDF  149-152
33. An Efficient And Secure Multi Keyword Search in Encrypted Cloud Data With Ranking  Sujatha Biradar Sk. Khaja Shareef PDF  153-156
34. Automatic Invention of the Domain Module from Electronic Textbooks  K. Aravind Kumar P. Sruthi PDF  157-160
35. Optimal Similarity Measure to Ensure Robustness in Text Classification and Clustering  B. Vivekanada Kumar Mr. Shaikh Karimullah Basha PDF  161-167
36. Productive Indicator of Onerous Keyword Question Over Directory  A. Manjula

 Dr. K Srinivas Rao PDF  168-171
37. An Improved One to Many Data Linkage by Inducing OCCT (One Class Clustering Tree)  Shravya Akkati

 V. Venkataiah PDF  172-176
38. LTL Trace Validation With Map Reduce  Mr. Venkata Rathnam  Ravella

 Mr. G.kumar Swamy PDF  177-182
39. Chord4S: A Peer-to-Peer-Based Network Approach for Decentralized Service Discovery  T. Sivaramaprasad  M. Parameswar PDF  183-186
40.  Approaches for Word Sense Disambiguation: Current State of The Art  K.Neeraja  Dr. B. Padmaja Rani  PDF  187-191



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