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"National Conference on Research Trends in Computer Science and Technology (NCRTCST)"

In Association with CSI, Hyderabad,A.P,India.

( Volume 3, Issue (1) NCRTCST, ISSN 2249 –071X )


1. "A Layered Optimization Approach for Efficient MPEG Video Transmission Over Wireless Networks"
Author: Vijayalaksmi M.,Co-Author: Linganagouda Kulkarni,Vol.3,Issue(1) NCRTCST,Page No.:1-6,Download
2. "Concise study of Progressive Documentation and its adaptation to Agile Software Testing"
Author:Roshni Kanth, Co-Author: Madhu B K, Lokesha V,Vol. 3, Issue (1) NCRTCST, Page No.:7-9,Download
3. "Color and Texture Features for Image Indexing and Retrieval"
Author:NARENDRA GALI1 ,B.VENKATESHWAR RAO, Co-Author:ABDUL SUBHANI SHAIK,Volume 3, Issue (1) NCRTCST,Page No.:10-14,Download
4. "An efficient approach to calculate the power of discrete power spectrum"
Author: Mr. NIRMAL SINGH, Co-Author:Ms. MAMTA KATIYAR,Volume 3, Issue (1) NCRTCST,Page No.:15-17,Download
5. "A Review of the software testing process in SDLC"
Author: Swati Agarwal, Co-Author:Mr. Pankaj Sharma, Kumar Nikhil,Vol.3,Issue(1) NCRTCST,Page No.:18-21,Download
6. "Identification of Brain Tumors in 2 D MRI Using Automatic Seeded Region Growing Method"
Author: Swati Tiwari, Co-Author:Ashish Bansal,Rupali Sagar, Vol.3,Issue(1) NCRTCST,Page No.:22-25,Download
7. "A Sophisticated Study on Best Practices of Agile Software Testing"
Author: Harish R Co-Author:Madhu B K,  Lokesha V, Vol.3,Issue(1) NCRTCST,Page No.:26-30,Download
8. "A new approach to Image steganography  "
Author: S.T.V.S. Kumar, Co-Author:S.S. Panda, M.S.R.S. Prasad, Vol.3,Issue(1) NCRTCST,Page No.:31-36,Download
9. "Action of Images Created by Random Windows and Sequential Windows Image Cropping techniques"
Author: Kajal R. Gurnani Co-Author: Vol.3,Issue(1) NCRTCST,Page No.:37-40,Download
10. "Design Distributed Database Strategies for SQMD Architecture"
Author:Shailesh R. Thakare,Co-Author: Dr. C.A. Dhawale, Ajay B.Gadicha,Vol.3,Issue(1) NCRTCST,Page No.:41-45,Download
11. "ARMoteGame-A Wireless Device for Augmented Reality 3D Game Environment"
Author: M.Ashok kumar Co-Author:K.Sahitya Priyadharshini, Vol.3,Issue(1) NCRTCST,Page No.:46-49,Download
12. "Modeling and Control of Non – Linear Systems"
Author: K.S.S.Anjana and M.Sridhar, Co-Author: Vol.3,Issue(1) NCRTCST,Page No.:50-55,Download
13. "Improved Prediction of Salient Motion For Video Quality Assessment and Calculate the MOS"
Author: P.RAMESH NAIK ,Co-Author: B.SIVA REDDY, Vol.3,Issue(1) NCRTCST,Page No.:56-60,Download
14. "A Survey on the Cross and Multilingual Information Retrieval"
Author: N.Swapna ,Co-Author:Padmaja Rani, Kiran Kumar, Vol.3,Issue(1) NCRTCST,Page No.:61-64,Download
15. "Customer behaviour Analysis using CBA (Data Mining Approach)"
Author: K.V.Nagendra,Co-Author:C. Rajendra,G.Ravi Kumar, G.Srujana kumari, Vol.3,Issue(1) NCRTCST,Page No.:65-68,Download
16. "Exerting Modern Techniques for Data Leakage Problems Detect"
Author: N.Sandhya, Co-Author:G.Haricharan Sharma,K.Bhima,Vol.3,Issue(1) NCRTCST,Page No.:69-72,Download
17 "FPGA Design & Implementation of Hybrid Cellular Automation with Binary Synchronization"
Author:SHAIK. FAZEELATH JAHAN,Co-Author:S.NARASIMHA CHARY,Vol.3,Issue(1) NCRTCST,Page No.: 73-75,Download
18. "The New Vision of Go Programming Language "
Author: CH. Dayakar Reddy, Co-Author: Manish Kumar Shukla, Vol.3,Issue(1) NCRTCST,Page No.:76-78,Download
19. "Hardware Implementation of MAC Unit"
Author:Pratap Kumar Dakua,Co-Author:Anamika Sinha , Shivdhari & Gourab, Vol.3,Issue(1) NCRTCST,Page No.: 79-82,Download
20. "Implementation of ATM Security by Using Fingerprint recognition and GSM"
Author:PENNAM KRISHNAMURTHY,Co-Author:MR. M. MADDHUSUDHAN REDDDY, Vol.3,Issue(1) NCRTCST,Page No.:83-86,Download
21. "Image Inpainting Using Texture Synthesis"
Author:M Prasad,Co-Author:G.Mary Prakash Kumari,B V Raja Rao,Vol.3,Issue(1) NCRTCST,Page No.: 87-92,Download
22. "Improving Performance in Wireless Sensor Networks Using MEMS Technology"
Author:L.Mohan,Co-Author: B.Ranjitha, Syed Atiya Begum, Vol.3,Issue(1) NCRTCST,Page No.:93-95,Download
23. "ISP Security for DDoS Attacks "
Author: B.Mallikarjuna Reddy, Co-Author:K.R.N. Kiran Kumar, Vol.3,Issue(1) NCRTCST,Page No.:96-99,Download
24. "Information Completely Distributed in ireless Networks"
Author: Chandrashekhar B,Co-Author:, A.Vivekanand ,B.Rajani, Vol.3,Issue(1) NCRTCST,Page No.:100-104,Download
25. "Spread Spectrum System with DoS Attack Properties in Wireless Sensor Networks"
Author:Ch.V.V.Satyanarayana , Co-Author:G.Sanjiv Rao, B.Mallikarjuna Reddy, Vol.3,Issue(1) NCRTCST,Page No.:105-108,Download
26. "Discovering Usage Patterns from Web Data Using Web Usage Mining"
Author:L.Mohan,Co-Author:Dr.T.Venu Gopal,B.Ranjitha,Vol.3,Issue(1) NCRTCST,Page No.:109-112,Download
27. "Android Based Processor Performance Analyser "
Sumit Kumar ,Co-Author: Vol.3,Issue(1) NCRTCST,Page No.:113-114,Download
28. "Review Study on a Design of Finite Impulse Response Filter"
Author:Gopichauhann,Co-Author:P.Pavan Kumar,P.R.Vijaya Kumar,Vol.3,Issue(1) NCRTCST,Page No.:115-119,Download
29. "Query Optimization Using the Technique of Progressive Parametric"
Author:Rambabu P,Co-Author:Akkisetty Sesha Giri, Kumar Jetti,Priya jain,Vol.3,Issue(1) NCRTCST,Page No.:120-125,Download
30. "Analysis and Design of Controller for Two Area Deregulated AGC System"
K.S.S.Anjana ,Co-Author: Dr.M.Sridhar ,Vol.3,Issue(1) NCRTCST,Page No.:126-132,Download
31. "Data Storage Security in Cloud Computing for Ensuring Effective and Flexible Distributed System"
Author: K.Valli Madhavi,Co-Author:R.Tamilkodi,R.BalaDinakar, Vol.3,Issue(1) NCRTCST,Page No.:133-137 ,Download
32. "Mobile IP Networks Approaches High Mobility Management for Performance Evaluation"
Author:R. Sujitha Rani,Co-Author: Vol.3,Issue(1) NCRTCST,Page No.:138-143,Download
33. "Architecture and Algorithm for an Cooperative Cache wireless p2p Networks"
Author:R. Vedasri, Co-Author:N.Sandeep Chaitanya,V.Venkataiah,Sk.Khaja Shareef,G.Rajeswari, Vol.3,Issue(1) NCRTCST,Page No.:144-151,Download
34. "Techniques for Resilience of Denial of Service Attacks in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks"
Author:Syed Atiya Begum, Co-Author:L.Mohan, B.Ranjitha, Vol.3,Issue(1) NCRTCST,Page No.:152-157,Download
35. "High-Speed Data Stream Mining using VFDT"
Author:Ch.S.K.V.R.Naidu, Co-Author:S. Devanam Priya,Sudam Sekhar Panda, Vol.3,Issue(1) NCRTCST,Page No.:158-163 , Download
36. "Tracing Sources of DDoS Attacks in IP Networks Using Machine Learning Automatic Defence System"
Author:K.SUBHASHINI, Co-Author:G.SUBBALAKSHMI, Vol.3,Issue(1) NCRTCST, Page No.:164-169, Download

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