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  • Submissions open

    "Submissions Open For Volume 10,Issue 6,Nov.-Dec., 2019"

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  • Kaveh, Almas, Liu Rongke and Vahid Alipour Maralani. "An Enhanced Carrier Acquisition Algorithm for Low SNR and High Dynamic Signal". IJECCE 10.6 (2019). [More]
  • Nguyen, Truong Van et al. "Programming the Code to Control the Calibration and the Analog to Digital Signals Conversion in the Nano Sensor System to Monitor the Quality of Aquaculture Water". IJECCE 10.5 (2019): 243-253. [More]
  • Patne, Priya and Sandip Nemade. "Design and Implementation of Tied Output Dynamic Dual Clocked Comparator". IJECCE 10.5 (2019): 232-242. [More]
  • Esabella, Shinta and Rodianto. "Portal Application Development of Sumbawa Unique Souvenir". IJECCE 10.5 (2019): 224-231. [More]
  • Kardiana, Aan et al. "Classification the Amount of Rice Production in Indonesia using the Geographically and Temporally Weighted Regression Method". IJECCE 10.5 (2019): 209-223. [More]
  • Rahman, A., Shinta Esabella and Umar. "Development of Sumbawa Dictionary Application for Multiplatform-Based". IJECCE 10.5 (2019): 201-208. [More]
  • Abu-Alsaad, Hiba A., Rana Riad K. AL-Taie and Hazim M. Alkargole. "Developing Web-Based Online Advertisement Targeting System for 3D Models". IJECCE 10.5 (2019): 190-200. [More]
  • Indrawal, Deepa, Sunita Waykole and Dr. Archana Sharma. "Development of Efficient and Secured Face Recognition using Biometrics". IJECCE 10.4 (2019): 183-189. [More]
  • Waykole, Sunita, Deepa Indrawal and Dr. Archana Sharma. "A High-Capacity Data Hiding Algorithm Based on Switching and Matrix Encoding Techniques". IJECCE 10.4 (2019): 175-182. [More]
  • Othman, Albedeir Y., Khald H. Belal and Mohammed A. Elmaleeh. "Design and Study of an Unlicensed WiMAX System under Low SNR with Various Modulations in Cognitive Radio Networks". IJECCE 10.4 (2019): 161-174. [More]
  • Nguyen, Truong Van et al. "Fabrication Process of Electronic Circuit Boards for the Sensor System to Monitor Water Quality at Aquacultural Farming Ponds". IJECCE 10.4 (2019): 151-160. [More]
  • Nguyen, Truong Van et al. "Fabrication of Multifunctional Nano Sensor System to Monitor Quality of Aquacultural Water Applied in Mekong Delta Area". IJECCE 10.4 (2019): 141-150. [More]
  • Shrivastava, Himalaya and Prof. Sandip Nemade. "Survey of High Secure Digital Image Watermarking using Different Transform Technique". IJECCE 10.3 (2019): 112-117. [More]
  • Ogherohwo, E. P., O. J. Igbekele and Jangfa Timothy Zhimwang. "Impact of Electromagnetic Wave Scattering Due to Rain Activities on Ku Band Links Over Jos, Nigeria". IJECCE 10.3 (2019): 118-126. [More]
  • Tsai, Chia-Chun. "Data Access Time Reduction for 3D Data Bus in Mixed Cases of Embedded Bus Switches and Inserted Signal Repeaters". IJECCE 10.3 (2019): 127-140. [More]
  • Orike, Sunny and Tamuno-omie Joy Alalibo. "Comparative Analysis of Computer Network Protocols in Wireless Communication Technology". IJECCE 10.3 (2019): 76-85. [More]
  • Baht, Ihsan Mizher. "Enhancing Integration of Renewable Energy Resources in Power Grid Through Back to Back Converter". IJECCE 10.3 (2019): 103-111. [More]
  • Baht, Ihsan Mizher. "Monitoring, Control and Economic Assessment for Integration Renewable Energy Recourses to the Distribution System". IJECCE 10.3 (2019): 95-102. [More]
  • Adewumi, Adebayo Segun, Benjamin Gbenro Ayantunji and Francis Dubem Chizea. "Development and Configuration of UHF and Ku Signals Measuring Instrumentation System Across Climatic Zones of Nigeria". IJECCE 10.3 (2019): 86-94. [More]
  • Mahjoorian, Vajiheh. and M. R. Moniri. "Designing a Spatial Adaptive Processor in Phase Array Radar Application Emphasizing Simplification of Hardware". IJECCE 10.2 (2019): 71-75. [More]
  • Bakare, B. I. and J. D. Enoch. "A Review of Simulation Techniques for Some Wireless Communication System". IJECCE 10.2 (2019): 60-70. [More]
  • K., Punnoose A. "A Novel Method for Microphone Independent Speech Activity Detection". IJECCE 10.2 (2019): 53-59. [More]
  • Tran, Trung Hoai. "Interference Suppression at the base Station Downlink Beamforming using Invariant Transmit Dimensions in MU- MIMO". IJECCE 10.2 (2019): 46-52. [More]
  • Andriani, Titi and Muhammad Hidayatullah. "Application of I2C SHT11 Sensors on Automatic Egg Hatching Machines". IJECCE 10.2 (2019): 38-45. [More]
  • Cao, Phuong Thao and Thi Hong Hoa Nguyen. "Medical Image Segmentation using Texture Information". IJECCE 10.1 (2019): 32-37. [More]
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