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International Conference on Intelligent Computing and Information System (ICICIS-2012)
Oct. 27th-28th 2012

On behalf of the program committee for the “International Conference on Intelligent Computing and Information System (ICICIS-2012)” advisory committee, technical committee, program organizing committee, local organizing committee, secretary and coordinators, we are pleased to present you this volume. It contains the papers accepted for presentation in the main conference program on the International Conference on Intelligent Computing and Information System (ICICIS-2012) held at the Misty Meadows Pachmarhi , Piparia (MP) during Oct. 27th-28th 2012 . The International Conference consists of the main program, six technical sessions and two keynote sessions. About 70 papers were received from various researchers and students. Amount these papers 46 were accepted for presentation and inclusion in the conference proceedings after a rigorous peer review by reviewers. A stringent acceptance rate makes International Conference on Intelligent Computing and Information System (ICICIS-2012) one of the most selective international conferences of the year 2012. The accepted papers provide a unique overview of cutting-edge research in the field of intelligent computing and Information system in recent times.
The Proceeding was organized under 26 themes which are as follows:

AI and Software engineering Computer Gaming
Embedded and real-time software Mobile/Wireless Computing
Bioinformatics and Scientific Computing Internet and Web Applications
Expert Systems Computer Networks and Data Communication
Communication Systems and Networks Natural Language Processing
Formal Methods and Tools Neural Networks
Compilers and Interpreters Object-Oriented Technology
High Performance Computing Parallel and Distributed Computing
Human-Computer Interaction Pattern Recognition
Computational Intelligence Data Mining and Knowledge Recovery
Information Management Systems, MIS Database Systems
Image Processing Control Systems
Computer Architecture and Embedded  

We would like to thank all the authors for their interest in ICICIS-2012 and for the presentation their research work. Due to the high quality of the submitted papers, selecting the papers for the main conference was a very difficult task. We are deeply indebted to the members of advisory committee, members of technical committee, organizing committee members and to the associated reviewers for their conscientious and impartial judgment and for the time and effort they invested in this conference.

Our special thanks go to the technical committee members and organizing committee members who spent, together with their associated reviewers, numerous hours reaching a consensus on every submitted paper, and who provided us with their expert advice during the program committee meeting. This conference is structured into plenary sessions, six technical sessions, and demo sessions. In addition to the submitted papers, the main program includes two invited presentations by distinguished and internationally acclaimed researchers in intelligent computing, soft computing, information system and neighbouring fields that are of key importance for long term research on different management aspects.

We thank all the staff members and research scholars and students who have helped us in organizing of this conference and in compilation and editing of these proceedings.

Welcome to ICICIS’2012 in Pachmarhi , Piparia (MP), INDIA.

Prof. Ramjeevan Singh Thakur
Organising Secretary
Dr. Pradeep Chouksey,
Prof. Amit Singhal
Conference Coordinator




Table of Contents
S.No. Paper Title Authors Page No.
1 Fundamental Study of Weak Slot-filler Structure: Knowledge Representation Anshu Shrivastava , Akshada Kulkarni, Bhagyashree Chinchore 01
2 Fundamental Concepts & Techniques of Distributed Database Bhagyashree Chinchore, Anshu Shrivastava , Akshada Kulkarni 08
3 Web recommendation based on apriori algorithm for web data Akshada Kulkarni, , Bhagyashree Chinchore ,Anshu Shrivastava 14
4 A Survey on Cloud Computing Technology Anuradha Gupta, Jay Kumar Jain, Harshita Patel , Akhilesh Sharma 20
5 Improve efficiency of fp-growth tree by applying data base parallel, partition and projection Vikram Bisen, Brajesh Patel 24
6 Analysis of a Population of BCA Students Databases in WEKA Tool Ramesh Prasad Aharwal, Manmohan Singh, Pradeep Choukshey , Sadhna Jain 28
7 Numerical Result Analysis of Document Classification for Computing k-Nearest Neighbor Swatantra kumar sahu ,R. S. Thakur 32
8 A middleware architecture supporting seamless and secure multimedia Services Over Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Akanksha Gupta , Dr.Manish Shrivastava, T.M.Anurag 36
9 Prospect And Method Of Data Mining In Network Management By Using Multi Dimensional Association Rule Shashank Swami 42
10 Unsupervised segmentation of US liver images Anita Khanna, Dr. Manish Shrivastava 44
11 Study of Knowledge Discovery in Database by Using Neural Network AshishGoswami,JagratiMalviya, UmeshSahu, Divakar Singh 49
12 Survey on Vowel Recognition of Speech with the help of Neural Network Jagrati Malviya,Ashish Goswami, Kanchan Jha, Divakar Singh 53
13 A Hybrid Framework Using Ant Colony Clustering and K-Means Genetic Algorithm (ANT-KGA) for optimizations of web usage pattern Seema C.P.,Dr. Pradeep Chouksey Gajendra Vaiker 57
14 Green Computing and Feasible Solutions towards the Advent of an Eco-Friendly Computing Experience Surya Kulshreshtha Harshvardhan Pandey 63
15 Pattern Warehouse Design: Modern Principles and Challenges Vivek Tiwari,Dr. R. S. Thakur 69
16 Frequent Pattern Mining and Rule Generation in Multidimensional Road Accident Dataset D.S. Rajput, Krishna K. Mohbey, R.S. Thakur, G.S. Thakur 72
17 User behaviour prediction in mobile e-commerce environment Krishna K. Mohbey, D.S.Rajput, G.S. Thakur 77
18 Pair Coded WAP Process for Sequential Impressive Mining Algorithm for Web Log Rahul Moriwal ,Jayati Agrawal, Vijay Prakash 81
19 An Efficient Neural Network Learning Approach for Content Based Video Image Retrieval Preeti Diwan,Anju Singh 87
20 Categorical Data and its Chelleges Abha Sharma, R.S. Thakur 92
21 Frequent Pattern Mining: Methods, Research and Challenges Bharat Singh Lodhi, Shailesh Jalori, Shailendar Singh 94
22 Antispam measures: a study Rachana Mishra R. S. Thakur 97
23 A Study of Stock Market Behavior Using Data Mining Ankit Kulkarni, Arpit Bhawar, Nitesh Mishra, Shaligram Prajapat 99
24 Preprocessing on Web Log Data in Web Usage Mining Brijesh Bakariya, Ghanshyam Thakur 104
25 A Study of Stock Market Behavior Using Data Mining Sachin Kamley,Shailesh Jaloree, R.S.Thakur 109
26 Benefits of Data Mining In Education System Sushil Kumar Verma, Shailesh Jaloree, R.S.Thakur 112
27 Social Networking Sites Data: Modeling, Knowledge Extraction and Applications R.S. Thakur, Divakar Singh 115
28 Implementation of information security with Fibonacci Q-matrix Shaligram Prajapat,Sachin Saxena, Amber Jain,Dr. Pradeep Sharma 118
29 Comparison of K-means and Efficient approach of K-mean algorithms for Large Data-set PremNarayan Arya , Shailendra Singh Raghuwanshi 125
30 Learning Algorithms of Incremental Bayesian: A Study Varsha Namdeo, R. S. Thakur 129
31 Application of neural network techniques in data mining Amit Bhagat, Sanjay Sharma, K.R.Pardasani 132
33 Mining Imbalanced Data: A Study Harshita Patel, Anuradha Gupta 141
34 Architecture Based Users and Administrator Login Data Processing Bhanu Sahu, Neeraj Sahu, G. S. Thakur 144
35 Research Issues on Web Content Mining Vikrant Sabnis 147
36 A Survey in Cloud Computing Smriti Tiwari 150
37 Classification Rule Mining on Student Data Base Abhishek Sharma,Dr.Pradeep Choukesy, Gajendra Vaiker, Jatin Agarwal 153
38 Performance Analysis of Distance Based Energy Aware Routing Protocol Divya Prakash Shrivastava Abdullatif. S. Kharwat 156
39 Association Rule mining on MCRM (Mobil Customer relationship Management Roopesh Sthapak, Dr.Pradeep Choukesy, Gajendra Vaiker 161
40 E-Commerce Security in Card payment system to prevent Fraud in account using neural network Sheshpal Vishwakarma,Gajendra Vaikar,Dr. Pradeep Chouksey ,Sitesh Sinha 164
41 Study And Performance of ANN Based Chaotic Generator In The Filed Of Cryptography: A Secret Key Cryptography Approach Sanjay Gupta, Abhinav Tiwari 167
42 Frequent pattern mining using Synthetic Dataset Rupali Tabakade, Pradeep Chouksey, Gajendra Vaiker, Sitesh Sinha 172
43 Naive bayesisan classifier committee using decision tree (c4.5) for featuere selection Rakesh Patel, Dr. Pradeep Chouksey, Gajendra Vaiker, Jatin Agarwal 175
44 Survey of Cloud Computing System & its Functionality Bhagirath Prasad Singroli, Anita Singroli 179
45 Enhanced Avalanche Effect using Secured New Block Cipher Algorithm Brijesh k. Sadh Ravindara Gupta 182
46 Improved K-Mean Algorithm For Large Dataset Anjula Shukla , Hitesh Gupta 186

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