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2nd National Conference on Research Trends in Computer Science and Technology (NCRTCST)

15th & 16th Nov, 2013, Jointly Organized by Dept. of CSE and Dept of IT
CMR College of Engineering & Technology
Kandlakoya(V), Medchal Road, Hyderabad
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., http://www.cmr-ncrtcst.org

( Volume 4, Issue (6) NCRTCST, ISSN 2249 –071X )


S.No. Paper Title Author Co-Author Download Page No.
1.  Data Security through Steganography and Cryptography in VOIP
Shilpa Sunil Wankhade  Prof. Ramesh V. Shahabade  Download  1-5
2.  Challenges and opportunities of BIG DATA ANALYTICS in Business Applications
Mr. M. Joseph Rajakumar  Mrs. E. Sushma  Download  6-9
3.  A Survey on Different Fusion Techniques of Visual and Thermal Images for Human Face Recognition
Tumpa Dey    Download  10-14
4.  Stateless Multicast & Multipath DSR in Adhoc Networks
N.Sandeep Chaitanya K. Vijaya Kumar, P. Sruthi,
T.V. Suresh Kumar, SP Santhosh
 Download  15-20
5.  Guarantee Delivery of Packets Using Greedy Anti-Void Routing for Wireless Sensor Networks
Ch. Raja Kishore Babu  L. Anil Kumar, S. Siva Skandha  Download  21-24
6.  Effective Algo for the Frequent ItemSet in Data Mining
Madhuri Agrawal Gupta  D. Praneeth  Download  25-28
7.  An Analysis on Stenography Based ABE System Using LPC Based Source Filter Model
G. Gandhimathi  Dr. S. Jayakumar  Download  29-33
8.  Survey on Security Issues and Strategies of Cloud Computing
K.V. Nagendra  D. Madhu Babu  Download  34-38
9.  Generation of 3D City Model from Multi-Sensor Geo-Spatial Image Data and Its Visualization
V. Naveen Chandra  E. Rajesh  Download  39-42
10.  Cloud Outcome and Troubles with Safety Solutions
K. Madan Mohan  Dr. P. Premchand, Dr. K. Chandrasekharaiah  Download  43-46
11.  A Modern Approach to Cyber Security Analysis Using Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing
Sugandh Shah  B. M. Mehtre  Download  47-52
12.  A Hybrid Model for Fast Converge Cast in Tree-Based WSN
M. Kamal Kishore  Dr. K. Madhavi  Download  53-56
13.  Video Compression Based on RMB
P. Ushashree  Preeti Prasada  Download  57-60
14.  The Theoretical Approach to Cloud Computing
Hemanth Kumar TS    Download  61-64
15.  The Theoretical Approach to Music Information System
Dattasmita HV    Download  65-67
16.  Archival, Retrieval and Display of Net CDF Products
B. Dhana Lakshmi  Dr. N. Sudhakar  Download  68-72
17.  Content Based Image Retrieval using RIP Model
Kranthi Kumar.K Pilla Dinesh, Madhuri Venkata Saroja  Pasikanti Muvvala,Susruthi Divya Sruthi  Download  73-78
18.  Advanced Information System Approach to Design of Emergency Response on Natural Disaster
Bixapathi. A V. Koteswari  Download  79-81
19.  Multiple Techniques for Raga Identification in Indian Classical Music
Trupti Katte    Download  82-87
20.  Dynamic Component Safety Analysis: A Regression Based Code Coverage Approach
T. Ramesh K. Prabhakar, G. Ramesh  Download  88-92
21.  Object Segmentation in Color Images Using Enhanced Level Set Segmentation by Soft Fuzzy C Means Clustering
Manjusha Singh Abhishek Misal  Download  93-97
22.  Suitability Analysis of Various Software Development Life Cycle Models
Apoorva Mishra Deepty Dubey  Download  98-101
23.  Improving the Usability of Statistical Parsers by Incorporating Linguistic Constraints
B.Venkata Seshu Kumari R. Rajeswara Rao  Download  102-105
24.  Advanced Trust Based Approach For Increasing Security in Cloud Computing
T. Vani D. Sunil Kumar  Download  106-112
25.  Analyzing the Detection of Active Attacks in MANETs
Ch. Rajya Lakshmi U. Suresh Kumar  Download  113-116
26.  Prior Authentication Approach to Enhance Security in Cloud Computing
P. M. Jyosthna J. Suman  Download  117-120
27.  Key Structure Based Approach towards Scalable Access Control in Cloud Computing
Challa. Madhavi Latha K.L.S. Soujanya  Download  121-124
28.  Fault Tolerant Concurrent Service Composition in Service Oriented Architecture
M. Siva Mahesh    Download  125-128
29.  Image Processing and DEM of Spatial Information Technology in Landslide Vulnerable Mapping
Dr. M. Sunandana Reddy Mr. K. Lakshmikanta Reddy  Download  129-132
30.  Integrity Verification & Distributed Accountability in High Performance distributed Clouds
B. Rajani K. Nagasindhu, K. Saikrishna  Download  133-140
31.  Improving Modern Web Application Defenses Using HTML5
Achin Kulshrestha    Download  141-143
32.  An Analytical Study of Meta Search Engines Performance Based on Precision and Relative Recall
Nagaraju Mamillapally Trivikram Mulukutla  Download  144-149
33.  Comparative Analysis of Routing Protocols in Mobile Adhoc Networks
Kiranmai Nandagiri    Download  150-157
34.  Optimized Kernel Fuzzy C-Means Clustering for Bio-Images Using  Level Set Method  
Mr.Tara.Saikumar Dr. M.Sundarana Reddy  Download  158-162
35.  Removed
     Download  163-166
36.  An Efficient Routing Method in AODV by Providing Energy Information in Beacon Message
V. Veda Sahithi B. Ratnakanth  Download  167-170
37.  A Frame Work for Extraction, Integration and Analysis of Unified Medical Language System
I. Venkanna B. Sukumar, B. Sivaiah  Download  171-175
38.  Decision List Algorithm for Word Sense Disambiguation for TELUGU Natural Language Processing  
Durga Prasad Palanati Ramakrishna Kolikipogu  Download  176-180
39.  Classification of Web Services Using JForty Eight
Venkataiah Vaadaala Dr. R. Rajeswara Rao, Venkateswara Rao K.  Download  181-184
40.  Wire Less Detection of Soil Condition and Sends the Generated Reports to Nearest Agriculture Office Using ICT. Technology    Basawaraj Bilamge    Download  185-187
41.  Performance Analysis of Adaptive M-PSK Communications Using Equal Gain Combining     Ranjani S. Kavitha Narayanan, K. Harisudha  Download  188-192
42.  A Study on Cooperative OFDM     Kavitha Narayanan, Ranjani S., K. Harisudha  Download  193-195
43.  Security Threats on Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks (VANET): A Review Paper
Senthil Ganesh N. Ranjani S.  Download  196-200
44.  Novel Approach to User Appreciated Media Management Over FM Radio
S. Vijayananth S. Sathiya Bhama  Download  201-204
45.  Determining Conditional Intermeeting Time in DTMN Networks  Sindhu Vegesna  I.Haripriya,G.RaviKumar,K.Venkateswara Rao  Download  205-208


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